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Carl Newsome
I, like most overweight people, have tried EVERY DIET imaginable with very little success. After years of battles and struggling, my weight reached my all-time high of 425 lbs in 2020 and I felt absolutely sick. I decided I had to do something. Much like everyone does, I cut out some foods and started light cardio. I started losing weight almost immediately! The first 50 lbs melted away pretty quickly, but then I plateaued. I was stuck. I started counting calories and adding more movement with no success. Luckily, I saw an ad on social media for Underground Fitness. That is where I met Gavino and Tripp. Both are excellent trainers. From day one, they pushed me and kept me accountable. Today, I weigh 235 lbs and I am still losing weight steadily. We have adjusted my goals and constantly adjust my strength training to push my limits and continue to make gains! My next goal is to break that 200 lb mark, and I feel confident that I will achieve that with Underground Fitness. Here, I’m not just a barcode that comes and goes. If I don’t show, Gavino is calling or texting me. He pushes when I need him to and doesn’t allow any excuses! That’s what has worked for me, and I have been able to stick with it for this long. I can’t say that about any other workout regiment or gym membership!
Peggy Stasinos
With this not being my first experience with personal training, I have to say, this place lives up to their good reviews. Ron in intake is caring and thorough. Christina in Nutrition is knowledgeable and very clear giving instructions on diet. Gavino, my trainer, is awesome! He is great at putting together the perfect routine. He pushes, but asks if the weights are too heavy or not heavy enough. He pushes but gives you room. He pays attention to your form and makes sure you're doing things correctly so as to not injure yourself. Tripp another trainer is also good. I do not have as much experience with him, but he is instructive and considerate. I can't say enough good things about this team. Great job everyone!
Guillermo Mazier

I’ve been a member of Underground Fitness for over a year now and I must say that my experience has been great. When I initially joined, the convenient location near my house was what caught my attention, but what has kept me committed and here is the awesome training from my trainer, David.

David is truly one of the best trainers I’ve had the privilege to work with. His ability to push me beyond my limits while still understanding the nuances of my body’s capabilities sets him apart. He tailors my workouts to match my fitness level and consistently challenges me to work harder. His knowledge of different exercises and techniques ensures that each session is dynamic and effective.

The atmosphere at Underground Fitness is pretty basic, with standard equipment and a supportive community of people who are looking to get or stay fit. But it’s David’s dedication and personalized approach that have made me a loyal member. If you’re looking for a fitness center that goes beyond just giving you equipment and provides a tailored experience that holds you accountable I highly recommend Underground Fitness.

Sonya Baca

I recently had the privilege of working with an exceptional personal trainer who not only transformed my fitness journey but also impacted my emotional well-being. Roxanne embodies expertise, care, encouragement, and empathy. From the very first session, I knew I was in capable hands. Roxanne possesses an enormous amount of expertise that was evident in every aspect of our training sessions. She tailored the workouts to my abilities while gently pushing me to achieve my maximum potential. What truly stood out was her ability to seamlessly adapt the training to cater to beginners like me, yet effortlessly switch gears and challenge those at an advanced level. It wasn't just about physical strength. It was also about building confidence and feeling secure in my body's capabilities. She created a safe and supportive environment where I could push myself without fear of judgment or injury. Her caring nature shone through in every interaction, making me feel heard, understood, and motivated to keep pushing forward. What truly sets Roxanne apart is her unique ability to connect with her clients on a deeper level. For me, this was especially meaningful as I had tried other trainers who inadvertently triggered emotions related to my brother's passing from cancer. She not only understood my journey but also honored it by helping me continue what my brother and I had started for my health.

Thanks to Roxanne, I not only achieved my fitness goals but also found healing along the way. I wholeheartedly recommend her to anyone seeking a knowledgeable personal trainer who goes above and beyond in every aspect.

* Expertise and caring approach.

* Encouraging and motivating.

* Helped achieve strength and confidence goals.

* Tailored workouts to individual maximum capabilities without fear of judgment or injury.

* Made beginners feel comfortable while also training at an advanced level.

* A trainer who honors personal journeys and motivates beyond physical fitness.

Brittany Capilla
When I started at underground I was looking for a fun and safe environment to really focus on my set skills. At the point of joining and setting up my schedule Ron was welcoming and helpful in finding the best trainer for me. In comes Kasey! He has been amazing in teaching me the correct way to perform all my workouts. Always offering words of encouragement and making sure every workout is full of knowledge and comfort. He has been great to work with and have great conversations of my own personal point of interest. Music is always on point! He takes requests from people! Thank you guys for making my health journey a tough but easy one!
LeShe Hunter
I just started working out this year because I wanted to improve my health. Roxanne, my trainer, has been Awesome! She is very attentive and encouraging in helping me with my fitness goals. She is very good at modeling the correct form needed to ensure that we don’t injure ourselves while doing the exercises. She takes great care of tailoring the workout for us and is so great working with people of all different fitness levels.
Sarah Endres
I joined this gym about a year ago. I first met with Ron who went over all the logistics and how the pricing was structured. I loved that he was not a hard sell and was genuinely interested in what my needs were. I signed up and have been working with my personal trainer Dori for a year now. Dori, by far, is the best trainer I’ve ever worked with. She is very professional and extremely knowledgeable at what she does. She gears my work out to my needs and what I’m working on personally. I have had a couple injuries and she has been able to modify my program so I can continue to work while healing myself. I would highly recommend this gym to anyone who is looking for a personal trainer.
Laura Amato

I have been training with Roxy at Underground Fitness for about 11 weeks now, and I couldn't be happier with the experience. Roxy is not only super sweet but also incredibly knowledgeable. Her expertise and guidance have been instrumental in my fitness journey, and I have seen significant improvements in both my mental and physical health.

Roxy's personalized approach to training has helped me stay motivated and focused. She always takes the time to understand my goals and tailor workouts that are challenging yet achievable. Her positive attitude and encouragement have been a driving force behind my progress.

The overall atmosphere at Underground Fitness is welcoming and supportive. The staff is friendly, and the facilities are top-notch. While personal training can be an investment, I believe it's worth every penny for the level of attention and results you receive.

I would highly recommend Roxy and Underground Fitness to anyone looking to improve their fitness and overall well-being. It's been a transformative experience for me, and I give it a solid 10 out of 10.

Carla Wandelt
I started a month ago with Kasey as my trainer. He knows how to push me to do more but also being very aware of my limitations. Kasey is calm and easy going. He makes working out as pleasant as possible but still hard enough for positive results.
Jessie Vega
Though I am still fairly new... Underground Fitness has well exceeded my expectations. I’ve learned a lot with the one on one personal training... the personal trainers create work outs that caters to you your strength and abilities and target my trouble zones, they are awesome and always encourage me to reach my maximum limit without overdoing it. I appreciate that the gym is small but has everything you need to reach your goals.. I am stoked to be a part of the gym and continue working out to reach my goals.
Tara Celeste
Underground Fitness has a healthy, positive environment. I’ve been working with Kasey. He’s been awesome. I really like the structure and accountability. I’ve seen a difference in myself. He listens when you don’t like a specific exercise and has an alternative exercise that still works the muscles that you feel comfortable doing.
Kristy Huston
Joining Underground Fitness is one of the best decisions I've made...After only a few sessions I can sense a difference. My energy level is improved, & I'm feeling muscles I haven't felt in quite awhile. Losing a few pounds has been an added bonus. My trainer Kasey is attentive & very knowledgeable. He's giving me great instruction in the gym, & really good suggestions on things I can do outside the gym to continue a healthy lifestyle. I'm thankful I found Underground Fitness.
Brian Boring
I live in downtown Phoenix and I drive 25 minutes three times a week to go to this gym. There are closer gyms but I am so glad I joined this one. David is an excellent trainer and knows exactly how to push me in a positive way while also, somehow, making it fun. The environment is extremely welcoming and the overall vibe of the gym is terrific. Highly recommend.
Robbi Laker-Tall
I was the 73 year old, sedentary, frail widow who decided it wasn’t too late to make a major change in my lifestyle. I spent months investigating gyms, yoga studios, different modes of exercise programs and finally found a trusted connection. Tucked in the southwest corner of 7th St & Mountain View is a petite building that houses Underground Fitness. Yes, good things come in small packages and even better are the big results from their expertise. My trainer, Roxie, does more than just instruct, she demonstrates and explains each exercise. I feel safe as she optimistically cheerleads me through activities using a wide variety of equipment. Even my friends have noticed my improved endurance, stamina, and toning. Underground Fitness is my get-fit., feels like home, personal gym. I’m optimistic about reaching my goals and setting new ones.
Ryan Pinnell
This was the first time I stepped into a gym in nearly 20 years which can be intimidating. I have been working out with both Roxanne and David with the goal of building strength and muscle mass and they have already helped me significantly with getting those goals. They are big on proper lifting technique too which was important to me to prevent injuries. I actually enjoying waking up and going to get my workout in and the mornings. All of the other members of the gym also make for a great work out environment.
Mik McBride
A transformative experience! From the beginning consultation with Ron, to meetings with Christina, their registered dietician, to training with the best of the best, David, I have absolutely loved each element of this experience. My stress levels have decreased, I feel stronger each week, and I genuinely love working out. Cannot even fully express how fantastic of a trainer David is! Every other trainer and client is incredibly kind and hardworking as well—the atmosphere is so positive! This has been such a rewarding process, and I'm thrilled to continue training here!
Ruby Taylor
Fantastic gym- I’ve been working out with Roxanne for about 6 months now with the goal of building up over all strength to help with aches and pains from work. Each workout was specially catered to me and my goals and I was met with nothing but encouragement and education that will be able to apply to my fitness journey for life. Roxanne is so professional and thanks to her I truly enjoy waking up early and bettering myself.
Joe Wiktor
Just an awesome experience. David my trainer and Christina my nutritional guide were just amazing. Professional and personable. Very easy to learn from. Anyone looking to make a difference in their health should take the opportunity to work with this team.
Kylie Zubkoff
My trainer, David, does an awesome job at walking me through anything I might be unsure about. He’s flexible and communicative about scheduling. Incredibly nice guy that makes you feel like he’s legitimately cheering you on. Very Respectful and understanding. I highly recommend it!!
Everett Barron
I’m wrapping up a 9-week training period with David Forbes at this location. With his guidance and instruction, I have made significant gains with my strength and endurance. My goals were to get out of my “gym slump” and learn to lift heavier weights, both of which he has helped me achieve. David has helped me learn that I am capable of much more than I think I am. He keeps the atmosphere light with good banter, motivation, and conversation, while also providing top notch training sessions. I highly recommend this location and trainer to anyone looking to achieve higher fitness goals.
Robert Haffey
So happy that I tried Underground Fitness. The manager is very friendly and thorough learning about your goals and any injuries. I had been away from the gym for a while and injured in a mountain biking crash. He assigned me to work with Roxanne. Roxanne is friendly and ensures you do everything correctly so that you don’t get injured. I enjoy working with her so much that my son recently signed up to work with her also. If you’re ready to get back into shape safely under the guidance of a trainer that wants to see you be successful, I highly recommend Underground Fitness.
Lashon Bryant
This is such a great alternative to the big gyms. Roxanne is my trainer and she is amazing. She's personable, knowledgeable and super helpful. She also keeps me accountable which helps me stay on track of my goals. She has zero judgment and really cares about my improvement.
Jennifer Lagua
If you want to get serious about your fitness journey, I highly recommend personal training sessions at Underground Fitness in North Central Phoenix! My trainer Roxanne was absolutely wonderful and so knowledgeable. I started training because I was going to embark upon a 65 mile backpacking journey and wanted to feel ready. I told her my goal and she created a plan that helped prepare me for the mountains I would climb. Her personal personal attention was key to successful training! I have big plans for 2025 and I know just where I will be going to prepare beforehand.
Dallas Jackson
I have had the pleasure of being trained by Roxanne who challenged me, motivated me and really helped me transition back into the gym after a couple year hiatus due to me becoming a mom. She is very knowledgeable and also considered and modified movements for my knee issues in each workout. In just a month, I've felt my body making huge improvements and feel better every day. The facility is very clean, the energy is great; Ron and the staff is welcoming and kind. The other members are also very friendly! Highly recommend Underground Fitness!
Michelle Bishop
I started working out at Underground Fitness in February. I’ve done 17 sessions so far. Roxanne is my trainer. She is great. Roxanne is professional, technical and detailed with showing me the exercises and flexible with scheduling. So far from the 17 sessions I’ve completed I’ve notice a big difference in my body and mind. I’ve had more energy, my overall body feels better and stronger. Last week I went on a 4.5 hour hike in Sedona, I would not have been able to go that long if I hadn’t been working out. I like Underground Fitness also because it is small and since it is small, it is more personal. I highly recommend Underground Fitness.
Rebecca Roberts
I’m so glad I chose Underground fitness. Immediately Ron was so welcoming and understanding with where I was coming from. My trainer Kasey is the best. So supportive, knowledgeable, and builds relationships with his clients. He even helped strengthen my bad knees and I went hiking with no pain for the first time in 10+ years! I always feel great (but tired lol) when I’m done with a session, and I have gained so much confidence in my ability to do physically demanding things.
Harry Emerson
I have nothing but good things to say about Underground Fitness. I started their 63 day transformation program in Jan of this year, and am still at it. Have lost 30+ pounds, gained muscle mass, reduced body fat percentage, and am eating a very manageable program. I elected to continue with both the fitness and the nutrition consult to ensure the routine and the discipline in the workout and meal management. Kasey is an outstanding trainer who has tailored the workout for my goals and demographic. He is very imaginative and responds to requests for emphasis. Christina is a rock star whose nutrition ideas have really caused me to turn the corner. The perfect combination for an intense program. You have to put in the work, but if you do both pieces, you will see the results. I definitely recommend this program to any demographic.
Zed Masters
Kasey is a great personal trainer! He helps set smart goals, tracks progress, and keeps you motivated along the way. His workout routines are excellent, and he changes things around often. I've been training at Underground Fitness for five months now - I have been very happy with the improvements. Looking forward to continuing!
Jerry Headley
Started Underground Fitness September 6. Just turned 60 and I thought many times about working out but never started. Finally I contacted the perfect place.Underground Fitness I meant with Ron not knowing a thing about how to get started Ron explained everything about Underground Fitness and the program I would be doing. David is my trainer and working with him is amazing. David knows what works best for me. David has a lot of knowledge of weights and fitness. It’s October 23 and what a change. I feel like a new man. Toning up and gaining muscle plus with the help of my nutritionist Christina I know what to eat and portion size. I am down 2 jean sizes I am still working out and getting fit week by week. I am a new person i feel amazing. I encourage everyone that is wanting to get fit and enjoy life join Underground Fitness. Ron, David and Christina really go out of their way to listen and they are the reason I am getting fit and turned my life around.
Abby Friedman

Roxanne is a great trainer! She is knowledgeable, friendly and professional. She pushes me within my limits and she is very encouraging. I feel safe that she will protect my past injuries from re injury and I'm feeling stronger and healthier already and looking forward to continued results. The gym is very clean with nice equipment. I like that it's not a huge, crowded place and there's lots of professional and personal attention.

Dominic Meardi

multiple locations; I finally landed on underground fitness, and I'm glad I did. I had David Forbes as a personal trainer and couldn't have asked for a better coach. He was exceptional. Not only did he help me perform workouts with proper form to reduce strain on my body, but he also gave me great tips on tracking calories and techniques for maintaining goals. The Gym itself is immaculate, has excellent equipment, and is non-crowded. I would highly recommend underground fitness and David Forbes.

Sophia Urbaez

I have been attending Underground Fitness for about 2/3 months and after training with other trainers in the Valley this is by far the best experience I have ever had. I train with David Forbes and he is amazing. I can see changes to my body every week and the strength and discipline I have gained has changed many aspects of my life outside of the gym. I’m blessed to be able to train here, Underground Fitness is the place to be.

Erik Jensen

I joined Underground Fitness a couple of years ago with the hopes of getting back into shape after years of not working out. The trainers recognized that I needed to start slow to rebuild the muscle that I had lost. Additionally, they were very diligent to teach proper form in an effort to reduce injury. I am happy to report that I am now stronger than I have ever been. I highly recommend Underground Fitness for the quality of the trainers, available equipment and the clean workout environment.

Rachel Taccariello

Underground Fitness is a great place to start working out. Ron, the director, is a wonderful communicator and will work with you should any questions or concerns arise. I've been working with Matt Guzy as my trainer, and I never in a million years thought I'd say this, but I genuinely look forward to my workouts with him! Matt designs a workout for right where my current level is at, and they are always different and interesting. I deeply appreciate what he has planned, his explanations & demos on the exercises, his ability to hear me out, and his keen eye on how my body may not be in the best form, and then providing adjustments. Should you be new to working out or personal training, I highly recommend Underground Fitness.

Jay Goldstein

Ron Is super great Trainer. The whole staff is great. I would recommend with no issues. Everyone is friendly. Great place

Annemarie Gaxiola

Just got done with my first workout with Camille I can already tell this is going to best the decision I ever make.

Barron Copeland

Ron is the best creative trainer, you will never get bored.

Steven Lee O'Neill

Ron is the most thoughtful and productive trainer I’ve ever met. So glad I found Underground Fitness!

Brenda Carpenter

Each individual has their own plan according to their goals. Great people!

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