January 23, 2013 by Jake Freeman in Staff

Happiness is a funny thing…

How often do we give into impulses that will make us happy now, knowing full-well it wonʼt help us find what weʼre ultimately seeking or even worse could lead to feelings of guilt, regret, and unhappiness. Now for most of us, especially if youʼre reading this blog, our HEALTH is the area we want to improve most, but more often than not will put last on the list of our priorities.

This blog will put health at the top of the list! This is for those who want to improve their lives, health, happiness, energy, state-of-mind, and overall well being. We will strive to only give you accurate information that has been tried and tested. So you know it works! Fitness, nutrition, and recovery will all be tackled here. With the use of our tips and methods a healthier you is exactly what youʼll find.

So where the heck do you start? If youʼve tried starting up before you know this is usually the roughest place to be. First things first, you are 100% responsible for getting to your own goals! Stop blaming the quick fix diet that didnʼt work, the food industry, your job… we could go on all day right? There will always be obstacles, ALWAYS. Be real with yourself. Are you eating the right foods day in and day out, are you working out INTENSELY at least 3x a week? Self realization is going to be your biggest and baddest tool in the box.

If you ever watch ESPN youʼll at some point hear championship coaches talking about the “Process”. Sure in the NFL or NCAA winning the Superbowl or National title is always in mind, just as your goals should be. But what you wonʼt hear these coaches saying “yeah, the season just started but weʼre really only focused on the last game of the year”. If you only focus on the end result the chances of you reaching that goal are slim to none, just like the chance that coach has of building a winning team. The “PROCESS” is the most important part, what you do day in and day out. Are you tracking your food intake? Are you pushing yourself during the workouts? Are you sleeping 8 hours every night? Are you eating every few hours? Are you foam rolling and stretching after your workouts so you stay injury free? These are the questions you should be asking yourself… not “Are we there yet?”.

Lastly, you should know, you can reach your goals. You can reach your goals. Did you hear me yet? YOU CAN REACH YOUR GOALS! Write your goals down, then write down what you have to do daily to reach those goals, last track that list each day. If you donʼt know or you are unsure of what exactly to do, reach out to a fitness professional or nutritionist. We are here to serve you, to help you and guide you to your healthier life. Here are some quick links for good sources of information.



For downloadable tracking tools please see our website www.undergroundfitnessaz.com

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