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How To Keep Your Faith In The Land of Milk & Honey

You’ve started living the Underground Fitness lifestyle, and it’s going great. You have more energy, feel better, and are noticing the results from the changes you’ve made. But while it may be easy to stay true at home, something’s coming that may throw a monkey wrench into your plans – you’re going on vacation.

Vacations pose problems to everyone’s diet and exercise regimens. They make it more difficult (or almost impossible) to control what you eat, and exercise often goes out the window. For some, this isn’t a big deal, but many people want to maintain their routine while on vacation. Planning ahead makes this much easier. Here are a few things to think about before embarking that can make it easier to stay healthy while enjoying a tropical locale:


Food – How Much Control Will You Have?

What will the food situation be like – will you have control, or will it come to you pre-packaged? Are you going to be at a conference where you eat whatever they put in front of you, or will you be able to shop for your own food? Will you have transportation to allow you to grocery shop?

Think about the variables that you can control, and plan out how to control them in advance. If you don’t have any input in what you’re served, you can control what you eat of it – in both portion size and what parts of the meal you eat. If you do have access to a grocery store, take advantage of it. Not only will it allow you to make healthier choices, but you’ll save money as well!


Exercise – A Little Improvisation Is A Beautiful Thing

Think ahead about the facilities you’ll be able to take advantage of. Will you have access to the equipment you need to do your regular routines? If you need substitutions, what will they be? Many hotels and resorts have gyms included in their bill, and a one-day or week long pass to a local gym can sometimes be a worthwhile investment. Do some research ahead of time to see what workout facilities will be available. If your gym access is limited, try some bodyweight exercises and get creative – a playground can provide wondrous pull-up bars. If this still isn’t feasible, even a walk along the beach or a quick jog can be satisfying.


A Little Rest Never Hurt Anyone

Finally, sometimes a break can be a good thing. Think about what would be the worst possible consequence if you completely abandoned your regimen for a week or so and decide on if you’re ok with that. The main thing is really to enjoy your vacation and come back from it more determined than ever.


Personal Fitness Training At Underground Fitness

And when you do come back from vacation, let us take you to the next level in your fitness. With programs in weight loss, nutrition, and exercise, we are the personal coach you need to reach your fitness goals. What are you waiting for? Make an appointment today!

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