Oct 20


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5 Reasons Exercising The Former Is Good For The Latter Everyone knows the body and brain are connected. If not, how would the body even be able to move in the first place. But, what I bet you didn’t know is that this is a two way street. In the same way the brain affects the body, the body’s movements can also affect the brain. Numerous studies are done every year to see what effects exercise has on the brain, and we found this to be super interesting, so here are a few ways that exercising can help you too! Accelerated Thought Process Ever try to think of something really hard and it take a while to come up with an answer? Well after 30 minutes of acute, intermediate exercise, cognitive brain functions have been shown to increase significantly. It should be noted however that there is a trade off between speed and accuracy as it has also been noted that while the brain processes work faster to come up with an answer, it is not always the right one. Alzheimer’s Protection For those of us who have a friend or family member with Alzheimer’s, we know it can be […]
Oct 06


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We all give in to the drive thru every once in a while Most of us have no idea what we’re putting in our body. If you need a little extra motivation to skip the burger and fries, read through our info-graphic and learn about the long term effects of fast food.
Aug 15


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How To Keep Your Faith In The Land of Milk & Honey You’ve started living the Underground Fitness lifestyle, and it’s going great. You have more energy, feel better, and are noticing the results from the changes you’ve made. But while it may be easy to stay true at home, something’s coming that may throw a monkey wrench into your plans – you’re going on vacation. Vacations pose problems to everyone’s diet and exercise regimens. They make it more difficult (or almost impossible) to control what you eat, and exercise often goes out the window. For some, this isn’t a big deal, but many people want to maintain their routine while on vacation. Planning ahead makes this much easier. Here are a few things to think about before embarking that can make it easier to stay healthy while enjoying a tropical locale:   Food – How Much Control Will You Have? What will the food situation be like – will you have control, or will it come to you pre-packaged? Are you going to be at a conference where you eat whatever they put in front of you, or will you be able to shop for your own food? Will […]
Jul 22


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Summer means only one thing: swimwear and vacation season! Now that you have spent all spring working on getting that bikini body ready, lets try not to ruin it all on vacation. While it is okay to indulge in moderation and enjoy yourself while soaking up the sun, you still want to be cautious of how you are eating. You don’t want to feel terrible when you get back home and undo all of the hard work you’ve already put in, so by following a few easy steps you will enjoy your vacation and still feel healthy. Drink Plenty Of Water– staying hydrated is extremely important, especially when in the sun. It is essential to replenish your body of the water that it is losing in the sun. Also, we often confuse thirst for hunger, so by staying hydrated we can prevent over eating. Avoid Sugary Or High Calorie Drinks– although it is hard to say no to those Piña Coladas and Mai Tai’s, they are loaded with sugar and calories and a lot of things that we really just don’t need. Look for safe alternatives that are less sugary. Generally, blended or fruity drinks should be avoided. Portion Control– […]
Feb 22


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Going out tonight? Get your workout on before you go out! While you’re out the try any flavored vodka and water for a low-cal drink. 25 push-ups 25 jumping jacks 25 crunches 25 dips 25 mt. climbers Repeat 5 times! This should take about 20 minutes to get done, just a quick way to feel a little more confident going out tonight!
Feb 18


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We’ve all seen it, fit bodies rolling around on a piece of foam, and probably had the same thought the first time…WTF?!? Self myofascial release if you want to get technical is the proper name for it, we’ll keep it simple and stick with foam rolling. The foam roller, like traditional stretching, is a great tool for lengthening and elongating muscles. Instead of simply lengthening the muscle, a foam roller massages muscles intensely, much like a massage from a massage therapist, but without the heavy cost. Ok, so I’ll get longer, smoother muscles…and…..Bueller?…Bueller? Longer, smoother muscles are an essential part to staying injury and pain-free. This is possible because strength, mobility, and posture are improved when you lengthen and smooth muscle fiber. Since you now have improved strength and mobility, this is where it gets really cool… you will BURN MORE CALORIES during exercise. How? If you have longer, smoother muscle fiber, you can recruit more of that muscle fiber during your workouts. You could go thru the same movements you’ve been doing but by using more muscle you will burn MORE calories, shortening the amount of time it takes for you to reach your goals. Fitness enthusiasts who regularly […]
Jan 25


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The Energizer I had a little time in my workday to create this office energizer workout. So if you find yourself with 10 min to spare while your at work, get this done and feel the benefits of getting up andactually moving during the day! Follow the link to the free workout —–> Office Energizer ENJOY! We’ll be back on Sunday!
Jan 23


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Happiness is a funny thing… How often do we give into impulses that will make us happy now, knowing full-well it wonʼt help us find what weʼre ultimately seeking or even worse could lead to feelings of guilt, regret, and unhappiness. Now for most of us, especially if youʼre reading this blog, our HEALTH is the area we want to improve most, but more often than not will put last on the list of our priorities. This blog will put health at the top of the list! This is for those who want to improve their lives, health, happiness, energy, state-of-mind, and overall well being. We will strive to only give you accurate information that has been tried and tested. So you know it works! Fitness, nutrition, and recovery will all be tackled here. With the use of our tips and methods a healthier you is exactly what youʼll find. So where the heck do you start? If youʼve tried starting up before you know this is usually the roughest place to be. First things first, you are 100% responsible for getting to your own goals! Stop blaming the quick fix diet that didnʼt work, the food industry, your job… […]