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5 Reasons Exercising The Former Is Good For The Latter

Everyone knows the body and brain are connected. If not, how would the body even be able to move in the first place. But, what I bet you didn’t know is that this is a two way street. In the same way the brain affects the body, the body’s movements can also affect the brain. Numerous studies are done every year to see what effects exercise has on the brain, and we found this to be super interesting, so here are a few ways that exercising can help you too!

Accelerated Thought Process

Ever try to think of something really hard and it take a while to come up with an answer? Well after 30
minutes of acute, intermediate exercise, cognitive brain functions have been shown to increase significantly. It should be noted however that there is a trade off between speed and accuracy as it has also been noted that while the brain processes work faster to come up with an answer, it is not always the right one.

Alzheimer’s Protection

For those of us who have a friend or family member with Alzheimer’s, we know it can be hard for them and those around them. Luckily Exercise is here to help! According to a study published on science direct, high physical activity was reported to do a number of things which combat Alzheimer’s, including:

  • Facilitate brain repair
  • Demonstrate neural protection
  • Excite activity in the hippocampus

From these, people can fight this condition, and all from a little running or lifting!

Consolidate Long Term Memory

Sometimes it’s tough to access long-term memory in order to think of a specific word, or equation. But, when subjects underwent physical activity in the form of ergometric cycling, they were much more likely to remember specific vocabulary terms in comparison to the subjects who were sedentary.

Reduce Stroke Possibility

Often called the silent killer, strokes are a growing problem in America. However, by participating in aerobic activity that increases blood flow, the risk that a person receives a stroke decreases significantly. This was the conclusion of the Northern Manhattan Study involving over 1400 participants. Therefore, we encourage you to pump those legs and keep your brain stroke free.

Brain Cell Growth

Finally, running can actually grow your brain (or at least regrow). In recent studies, animals who were subject to voluntary running as a form of exercise were able to increase their neurite outgrowth. There amount of the growth was actually correlated to the amount by which the exercised. This then allowed for greater sensory in the animals and also assisted in the rehabilitation of nerves after damage from an injury.

Sign Up For A Training Session Today!

So go forth now and grow your brain. Ride a bike, go for a swim, take a fitness class, or simply go for a jog. All these can impact your brain and keep you healthy both physically and cranially. If you want to schedule an appointment with a certified physical trainer to exercise, and in turn, keep your brain in check, please do so and we’ll help you out. Have fun, and happy exercising!

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