Arrowhead (Glendale)

Arrowhead Underground Fitness

Our Goal

To deliver you the best possible health and fitness experience, period. The difference between Underground Fitness and everyone else? You have a say in what goes on here. We are constantly seeking your feedback to make positive changes.

Our Space

Our 5000 square foot studio is spacious enough to fit in all the amenities you need, but small enough to keep that personal feel. At this location we have an entirely separate aerobics room as well as cardio machines with individual televisions and full cable! We provide free water and towel service at no cost to you. You won’t find a cleaner, more luxurious training studio in the valley. Complimentary WiFi!

Our Equipment

We are fully loaded! Our strength training area includes free weights, smith machines, power racks, stack machines, cable machines, and TRX stations. For cardio training, we have treadmills, elipticals, and rowers, all with individual televisions. And of course, the extras: bosu balls, bands, kettle bells, steps, medicine balls, body bars, Vipers, etc.

Location and Community

We are located on the 2nd floor at the Citadelle Plaza, home to many premium boutique storefronts and several of Arizona’s favorite restaurants (Zipps, Tutti Santi, The Melting Pot). We are conveniently located just a stone’s throw south of the 101 highway and 59th Ave, across the street from the prestigious medical school, Midwestern University. We are proud to serve the Arrowhead community in Glendale.

Our Fitness Professionals

You won’t find better service, anywhere. Our fitness professionals are all nationally certified with years of experience in coaching people just like yourself. We will set you up with the trainer that best fits your goals, personality, and training style. Do you have a preference for a male or female trainer? We have both! Set up a consultation and we will find your best fit, guaranteed!

 Underground Fitness Arrowhead

19420 N 59th Ave Ste C-249 
Glendale, AZ 85308
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