So what is Underground Fitness all about?

We are Arizona’s greatest fitness coaches. We aren’t here to just give workouts- you can get those anywhere. Our mission is for each and every client to achieve the change they desire. Whether your desire is to lose weight, establish a healthy lifestyle, fight back diabetes, perform better, rehab an injury, or just tighten and tone- we get you there. Our personal trainers and coaches develop a plan unique to your goals, your schedule, and your lifestyle that will help you be the person you want to be. Ongoing nutrition coaching, planning, and modification is an essential part of the process… and entirely complimentary for our clients.

We are because everyone deserves to be healthy and confident… people of every shape and size and ability!

Underground Fitness defies the industry standard. You won’t find long contracts, huge package purchases, or startup and cancellation fees. You will find strictly month to month, no notice to change or cancel, zero obligation training options that can be as flexible as your schedule, budget, and future needs to be.

Meet a few of our Trainers

  • Chad Robins
  • Dave Bess
  • Nicole Dukeman


  • Anna, Phoenix Realtor

    “Having your help for so long as my personal trainer changed my life and lifestyle.  I am doing well and feeling great.  BMI is normal.  Thanks Scott  :-)” *

  • Terry, Marathon Runner / Former Desk Jockey

    “The training regiment that Jake has provided is helping develop my upper-body strength where I previously had none, along with working on my balance and coordination. Jake has helped me concentrate on my core muscle groups, getting me to focus my weight and movements to reduce unneeded stress on my body and optimize my energy output. I set out with the simple goal of running a half marathon by the start of this year. I have done that now three times, and also tackled the marathon. I just feel better overall, and I am in the best shape that I have ever been in.” *

  • Sean, Fit Father of Two

    “I’ve trained with Brooke for nearly two years. Her thoroughness is only exceeded by her professionalism. She’s has the unique ability to push you to the limit, while not being intimidating or obnoxious. Her insight into diet & nutrition have been invaluable to helping me achieve my personal fitness goals.” *

  • Chrissy, Working Mom

    “Never thought that I could feel 100% amazing in a bikini, but I do!!! Thanks for helping me reach my goals Underground Fitness! I love being part of such an AWESOME gym!” *

  • Nicole, Esthetician

    “I started training with Scott in March 2011 – after putting on approx. 32lbs in a very short period of time (a year of parting in London, England!) He really motivated me into getting back into shape & being healthy. He helped me to change my habits, diet and my lifestyle!” *  

  • Xavier, Weight Loss King

    “Since I started boot camp training at Underground Fitness, I’ve lost a total of 13 pounds. Thanks to the trainers, I have a better understanding of nutrition. My man boobs aren’t in the way as much so trainers Jake, Scott, Brian & Monica must be doing somethin’ right! :) Be prepared to give it all you got and leave knowing you had an awesome workout. I highly recommend this gym if you’re in the Central Phoenix area. Cheers.” *

  • John and Shauna, Proud Parents and Entrepreneurs

    “Thanks to the training we have received, our lives are now changed. Who would have thought that we actually look foward to working out? Both of us have had gone through huge transformations, and our lifestyles are now completely different. Thanks so much for changing our perspective on health and wellness!” *

  • Tina, Health Club Employee

    “I work at a health club, and I drive 25 miles just to see you… it’s worth every bit of effort! The results are coming fast, thanks thanks thanks!” *

* Individual results may vary from person to person. Results are not guaranteed.

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